Geomicrobium sp000698145
Isolate HQ 5S/16S/23S 20 tRNAs
Taxonomic Information
GTDB Taxonomy d__Bacteria; p__Firmicutes; c__Bacilli; o__Bacillales; f__Marinococcaceae; g__Geomicrobium; s__Geomicrobium sp000698145
Filtered NCBI Taxonomy d__Bacteria; p__Firmicutes; c__Bacilli; o__Bacillales; f__; g__; s__
Unfiltered NCBI Taxonomy d__Bacteria; x__Terrabacteria group; p__Firmicutes; c__Bacilli; o__Bacillales; x__unclassified Bacillales; x__Geomicrobium; s__Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19039
NCBI Strain Identifiers JCM 19039
GTDB Type Material Designation not type material
GTDB Representative of Species True
Genome Characteristics
CheckM Completeness 93.99%
CheckM Contamination 0.89%
CheckM Strain Heterogeneity 0.0
5S Count 1
16S Count 1
23S Count 2
tRNA Count 20
Contig Count 57
N50 Contigs 137,361 bp
Longest Contig 422,843 bp
Scaffold Count 57
N50 Scaffolds 137,361 bp
Longest Scaffold 422,843 bp
Genome Size 4,170,367 bp
Protein Count 5,148
Coding Density 83.66%
GC Percentage 44.20%
Ambiguous Bases 0
GTDB representative of species True
NCBI Metadata
Assembly Level Contig
Assembly Name ASM69814v1
Assembly Type n/a
Bioproject PRJNA224116
Biosample SAMD00000376
Country None
Date 2014-5-21
Genbank Assembly Accession GCA_000698145.1
Genome Category Isolate
Genome Representation full
Isolate None
Isolation Source None
Latitude Longitude None
Molecule Count 0
Protein Count 4,355
Refseq Category na
Seq Rel Date 2014/05/21
Spanned Gaps 0
Species Taxid 1460636
SSU Count 1
Submitter Microbe Division/JCM, RIKEN BioResource Center
Taxid 1460636
Total Gap Length 0
Translation Table 11
tRNA Count (total) 55
Type Material None
Unspanned Gaps 0
Version Status latest
WGS Master BAXB00000000.1