Streptococcus salivarius
Isolate HQ 5S/16S/23S 20 tRNAs
Genome Characteristics
CheckM Completeness 99.68%
CheckM Contamination 1.02%
CheckM Strain Heterogeneity 0.0
5S Count 6
16S Count 6
23S Count 6
tRNA Count 20
Contig Count 1
N50 Contigs 2,100,988 bp
Longest Contig 2,100,988 bp
Scaffold Count 1
N50 Scaffolds 2,100,988 bp
Longest Scaffold 2,100,988 bp
Genome Size 2,100,988 bp
Protein Count 1,876
Coding Density 87.66%
GC Percentage 40.22%
Ambiguous Bases N/A
GTDB representative GCA_000785515.1
GTDB representative of species False
NCBI Metadata
Assembly Level Complete Genome
Assembly Name ASM44868v2
Assembly Type n/a
Bioproject PRJNA224116
Biosample SAMN02471219
Country Netherlands
Date 2015-12-7
Genbank Assembly Accession GCA_000448685.2
Genome Category Isolate
Genome Representation full
Isolate None
Isolation Source ileostomy effluent evening sample obtained from a 79 year-old male ileostomist plated on Mitis-salivarius agar
Latitude Longitude None
Molecule Count 1
CDS Count 1,893
Refseq Category na
Seq Rel Date 2015/12/07
Spanned Gaps 0
Species Taxid 1304
SSU Count 6
Submitter Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TIFN)
Taxid 1304
Total Gap Length 0
Translation Table 11
tRNA Count (total) 68
Type Material None
Unspanned Gaps 0
Version Status latest
WGS Master None