Taxonomic Information
GTDB Taxonomy d__Bacteria; p__Firmicutes; c__Bacilli; o__Lactobacillales; f__Streptococcaceae; g__Streptococcus; s__Streptococcus salivarius
Filtered NCBI Taxonomy Undefined
Unfiltered NCBI Taxonomy Undefined
NCBI Strain Identifiers
GTDB Type Material Designation
GTDB Representative of Species False
Genome Characteristics
CheckM Completeness 98.33%
CheckM Contamination 0.15%
CheckM Strain Heterogeneity 0.0
5S Count 0
16S Count 0
23S Count 0
tRNA Count 14
Contig Count 72
N50 Contigs 49,466 bp
Longest Contig 142,758 bp
Scaffold Count 26
N50 Scaffolds 160,109 bp
Longest Scaffold 323,292 bp
Genome Size 2,160,899 bp
Protein Count 2,012
Coding Density 87.59%
GC Percentage 39.97%
Ambiguous Bases 0
GTDB representative GCF_000785515.1
GTDB representative of species False
NCBI Metadata
Source SRA metagenome ERX493927