Release 86 Statistics

Rank Bacterial Taxa Archaeal Taxa
Phylum 114 11
Class 285 40
Order 777 97
Family 1,838 188
Genus 6,482 440
Species 11,042 509

Comparison of taxonomic ranks between GTDB and NCBI

Comparison of GTDB and NCBI taxonomic assignments across 123,110 bacterial genomes from RefSeq/GenBank release 86. For each rank, a taxon was classified as being unchanged if its name was identical in both taxonomies, passively changed if the GTDB taxonomy provided name information absent in the NCBI taxonomy, or actively changed if the name was different between the two taxonomies..

Relative evolutionary divergence

The following graphs show the relative evolutionary divergence (RED) of taxa at each taxonomic rank (0=phylum, 1=class, ..., 5=species). RED values provide an operational approximation of relative time with extant taxa existing in the present (RED=0), the last common ancestor occurring at a fixed time in the past (RED=1), and internal nodes being linearly interpolated between these values according to lineage-specific rates of evolution. RED intervals for normalizing taxonomic ranks were operationally defined as the median RED value (indicated by a blue bar) at each rank ±0.1 (indicated by grey bars).